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3 Easy (and affordable) Ways To Improve Your Home's Decor

1. Add yellow toned cushions

Adding cushions to any living space is a great way to help add variety to the living space in any home. Take the living room or entertainment space, for example. By adding yellow toned cushions in the living room or entertainment space, you can add a pop of colour and vibrancy to the living space and make it more inviting for everything from a small get together to some rest and relaxation and alone time. evans lichfield cushions offer these products in a variety of designs, colours and patterns.

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2. Add wall decal

Having a focus wall is a very inviting and attractive way to set the tone and atmosphere of any room in your home. Focus walls particularly work well for kitchens and family rooms, as well as, living and dining rooms. Adding a wall decal is an easy way to create a focus wall. By adding a wall decal to the wall directly facing the entryway to the room, you will be able to draw all the eyes of your guest right where you wish them to be. 

3. Add curtains

In addition to yellow toned cushions and wall decal, curtains are also a great way to add another layer of beauty and warmth to the look and feel of any room in the home. The colour, thickness, and design of a curtain will determine how well it works in any given room. For small spaces, for example, it generally helps to use lighter colours to help the space appear larger. Also, creating a monochrome colour palette featuring a patterned centre curtain with two plain ones in the dominant colour from the pattern at both ends is a good idea for any size space.

BONUS TIP: When considering adding accessories like yellow toned cushions, curtains, and wall decal to any living space, be sure that the options you choose are well-suited to the furnishings, fixtures, and existing colours (such as wall paint colour) in the home.

Your home is your sanctuary. It is there that you should surround yourself with beautiful things that enrich your quality of life and that of those you share your home with. Admittedly, when we think of high-quality decor, it is easy to begin imagining that it will cost a fortune and require a team of interior designers to get the space looking and feeling just right. We are here to dispel those images and notions with the tips we are sharing in today's article. These tips will work for you, whatever your budget or the style or size of your home. So, let's get started. 

So, there you have it, 3 relatively inexpensive ways to improve your home decor!